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A number of provincial gambling corporations in Canada are fed up. The companies have official created a new coalition, the purpose of which is to put an end to illegal gambling. The new group has declared that it will be lobbying government to take action. Included in the group are the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation, Lotto Quebec, and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

Among the biggest concerns of the coalition is the harm illegal gambling causes Canadians. Misleading advertising and illegal sites are ruining the lives of Canadians, a representative stated. The representative added that controlled gambling environments are the only way Canadians should be able to play online.

The Big Problem

Commercial gambling is illegal in Canada except for government controlled operations. Even still, a loophole in regulations is allowing numerous offshore companies to offer services locally. The sites even engage in nationwide advertising. Presently government is doing very little to stop the transgressions.

The new coalition aims to do what government is not. The representative explained that the first step is raise public awareness about the issue. The second step is to remind media platforms that they’re obliged to follow rules and regulations. Pressure will also be put on the provincial government to shut down illegal foreign operations.

A Matter of Great Importance

Manny Atwal spoke for the Manitoba Liquor And Lotteries Corporation. He explained that the issue is not about local companies generating revenue. He explained that locally generated iGaming profits go back to their respective province. This money is then used to fund infrastructure and other essential services.

He added that even licensed foreign operators are under no such obligation, highlighting why the matter is of great importance.

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