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Ontario Poker players are in for a treat. Their options when it comes to online Poker are about to be increased. It has been announced that Playtech and NorthStar Bets are joining forces. Together the companies will launch a new Ontario online poker network. Word is that other Playtech subsidiaries may also participate, including Bet365 and Coolbet.

As it stands Playtech acts as NorthStar’s software and services provider. The new cooperation on the Ontario online poker network is a collaborative step up. Specifics of the new project are still vague, but the initiative is a tightening of an already strong business relationship. 

Forming Partnerships

Shimon Akad spoke on behalf of Playtech. He mentioned that his company is looking to make key strategic partnerships. He pointed to NorthStar Bets as such a strategic partnership. He elaborated that the betting company is perfectly positioned in Ontario, possessing the potential to become a premier operator. He continued that he is thrilled to be partnered with the company, concluding that the two will build the Ontario market.

Currently, NorthStar Bets exclusively operates in Ontario. The company is a major player in the local market but is clearly looking to expand. The partnership with Playtech is acting as a pivotal factor, opening many distribution doors as well as expanding the offered portfolio. The new Playtech content includes a vast selection of live casino services.

A Leader in Canadian iGaming

CEO Michael Moskowitz spoke for NorthStar. Moskowitz declared that his company aims to provide an immersive gambling experience. He continued that the Playtech partnership has helped to increase that immersion. He added that keeping players safe is also a primary concern.

Moskowitz elaborated that Canadian casino players all have unique preferences, pointing out that his company has been working hard to meet them. He then concluded that with the help of Playtech he will be pushing to become a leader in the Canadian online gaming market.

Overcoming Challenges

NorthStar Bets and Playtech have big plans but also face big challenges. According to Canadian law, Ontario gambling sites may not share traffic. This means that locals may only play Poker against one another. The limited traffic is a big problem for any Poker network.

A solution is that other sites within Ontario may share traffic. Therefore, if other local sites like Coolbet and Bet365 join the network there may be a success after all although it is a Poker network limited to the borders of the region. 

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